Ever since I was a little girl I have been passionate about taking photographs…ok ok that is sweet and all (and true!) but you really want to get to know me right? I mean if this all works out I will be playing in the sand with you and your family or tagging along during the most important day of your life. So…here it goes!


I collect snow globes and vintage cameras. I love glitter (sun shimmering off the ocean, catchlight in a child’s eye and sparkly shoes), Disney World (I could live there and eat Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes everyday) and reality tv (especially all those Housewife crazies).


Cape Cod is a little slice of heaven and I am so happy to have called it home my entire life. I flex my arm and point to my elbow when people ask where I live. What a wonderful backdrop I have to work with!!


My heart belongs to three men…my handsome rugged fisherman husband, the Dude aka Luke my train obsessed preschooler and his smaller yet not by much brother Blake who has been compared to a koala bear on multiple occasions (I am his personal stalk of bamboo – he clings right on – 100% mamas boy). They are the perfect example of why I do what I do…I want to capture the joy, bonds and love we share with the ones we hold close.


I treasure the photos I take personally and professionally. There is definitely a line that blurs between client and friend when working with me. Beyond the actual captures and technical thought behind my work I strive to bring comfort, ease and a little too much fun to every one of my sessions.


Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my world. Would love the chance to get to know you and your family more and to become your Cape Cod family photographer.