What a gorgeous day in Chatham! Finally the sun came out after a week of rain, drizzle and cold. I had the pleasure of playing in the sand with twins M & K and their big sis E. Mom had just wrapped performing in the Broadway show Cabaret so she, her husband and kids escaped to the Cape for a well deserved week away at their parents summer home. 

We were down at Chatham Lighthouse Beach for family photos during my favorite time of day…sun was just peeking over the dunes and we practically had the beach to ourselves. Our toes were a little chilly in the sand but we tried to keep moving to stay warm – I was happily surprised how mild it really was by the water – barely a stitch of wind – unlike earlier in the day. I look forward to the M family’s return to the Cape this summer. Fingers crossed Mom & Dad join in for photos next time!!


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