96″ inches of snow in Boston as of this morning I just heard. Thought it would be nice to revisit this Fenway Park styled session I did in Boston last spring. Warmer weather is coming I promise!!! This was a personal project. I was obsessed with the Sox in high school and college. My dorm room resembled a shrine to all things Varitek. Red Sox blanket, trash can, mouse pad, posters, flags, clothing gear, cups, plates…I could go on. My roommate Courtney’s side of the room (we were randomly paired like most students) was a shrine to NASCAR specifically Dale Earnhardt Jr. All girls dorm and our room looked like a frat house! 🙂 I was going to school in South Carolina at the time and they didn’t show games on tv so I would stream them on my computer. By stream I don’t mean I actually watched the game (not back then at least) I watched tiny dots move around a diamond graphic. And yes, I totally rocked a 14kt gold Red Sox emblem around my neck. I must have really been trying to embrace my little ‘yankee’ self down in the deep south. I really was a huge fan though (still am but it has tamed). One year I didn’t miss a game…like not one. I think I may have caught an inning last year. Anyways…Fenway Park. The oldest baseball stadium in the United States. I NEEDED to shoot there. So I wrangled some amazing vendors and friends and family and booked an hour at the park. So a BIG thanks to all involved. My models Dylan (my cousin) and Kayla (a friend and step daughter of Lou Merloni – cool right?) totally rocked it! They were good friends and were such great sports (pun intended). We bopped around the park with our guide. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed on the field but I know sometimes they will let you if the circumstances are right. Hope you enjoy!


Check out the details in the bouquets, the brides nails and look closely at the bat!


Venue :: Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Stylist :: Alyson Donohue Secret Style Weapon

Stationer :: A Seaside Invitation

Favors :: Sweet Bean

Hair & Make Up :: Susie Long

Florist :: The Bejeweled Florist