Two years ago I shot the beautiful wedding of Jessea & Pete at the Kalmar Village in Truro. Dressed in a suit was Pete’s best man Brody – their dog. So handsome. Jessea, Pete & Brody are family – they don’t just love Brody he is their baby. I mean Pete even made the most gorgeous natural pond fountain in their backyard just for Brody to swim in. I will have to share a photo – it’s unreal – perfectly landscaped and everything. I received a message from Jessea a few weeks ago. During a routine check up the Dr discovered he had lymphoma – without treatment he had 6-8 weeks. Heart wrenching. I think I was one of her first calls. She wanted photos of Brody – extra special photos in case these were their last moments with him. I made room for them. This was as important to me as it was to them. All three get out of the Jeep and they tell me it’s Brody’s 11th bday and they will be celebrating with ice cream later. I knew didn’t want to start our session by asking how he was doing – I wanted them to be in the moment with him. We began the photos. Brody basked in the attention. Like I said before handsome…so so so handsome. As we finished I asked how Brody was doing . With the chemo treatments and with all the new organic, whole foods he is on Brody’s lymph nodes have shrunk immensely! Although they are hesitant to say remission – he only has a couple more to go. He has no noticeable negative side effects from the chemo and is still just living the good life. If I had a tail it would have been wagging when they told me ;-). SOOOO HAPPY!!!!