Ridgevale Beach is a great location for family photographs, I love the way these turned out! I cannot think of anything sweeter than two sisters dancing in the sand, walking and exploring together in a field of tall grass and seeing their parents love on them. This reminds me of a quote from Mother Teresa that says, “If you want to bring happiness to the world, go home and love your family.” This is so true, generations are changed and affected based on the way they are loved at home. I wonder what wonderful things these two girls will accomplish when they are older?

A little girl sits on a pier at Ridgevale Beach. Two young sisters dance in the sand at Ridgevale beach. A little girl sits in a field of tall grass, almost blending in. Two sisters sit in a field of tall grass near Ridgevale Beach. A little girl walks through some tall grass. A young girl hugs her older sister around the waist. A family stands at the mouth of a long pier to the beach. A family leans against an old wooden beach, crowding together. A father touches foreheads with his young daughter. A family sits in the sand at Ridgevale Beach. A woman hugs her husband while they stand in the sand on the beach. A family walk in a line, holding hands, along the beach. A girl stretches out her hands to touch the tall grass as she walks. A young girl looks over her shoulder as she walks through tall grass. A little girl walks along a path leading to Ridgevale Beach. Two young sisters walk along a path on Ridgevale Beach.

Kelly Cronin Photography specializes in family portraits on Cape Cod. As a Cape Cod family photographer, my focus is capturing the natural connections between loved ones as life unfolds. I love highlighting the romance and pure joy that is vibrant during weddings and I also love to photograph the moments that follow. Maternity, baby, and family photos are part of my passion and I love to bring the essence of a family through my camera into prints that can be cherished for generations. I understand that photos are not only a way to preserve special moments in a family’s journey, but also heirlooms that will help a love story live on forever.

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