So what can you do on Cape Cod with your kids year round??

Here is a list I have come up with so far ( a lot of which is geared to the lower Cape because that is where I am based – but there are many fun ideas to check out). I will continue to build upon it. I will also document some of our days together here on this blog.

Hope you find it helpful (and FUN) so please share, bookmark and comment with your own suggestions for the list!

Would love to hear about your Cape Cod adventures too!


I posted on my facebook page recently. A very personal post. I had an outpouring of love, support and it was so refreshing to hear how so many people could relate. Here is the exact text for reference…


“Personal Post – I will probably start crying mid paragraph…may start rambling…but I am an artist and mom so you can forgive me. I made a promise to myself and to these two kick ass dudes that I would do things differently in 2015. I would take a full day off for them every week (bye bye social media, emails, phone calls, house cleaning) it will be a day of exploration and fun! Sadly we live mere moments from the beach and although I spent nearly every summer evening there I brought my kids less than I can count on two hands. Now I am lucky – I have a balance. I can be at home with them all day and photograph on the weekends and evenings. I am with them a lot. But my attention is always split. I was spending the majority of my days corresponding with clients, editing, posting, online shopping etc etc etc. Which as you can imagine…working from home with a 1 and 3 year old by your side 24/7 slows down your work flow. Add the fact that my hubby is an offshore fisherman and is away 2 weeks a month it can be overwhelming. This season will be different. I have hired a nanny one day a week. That one day will be the day I do the heart of my workload. I have an amazing intern coming in to help with with the day to day things – she’ll keep me organized and help manage my social media/workflow. And I am taking that elusive day off – which I never really took before. I just worked when I could. 7 days a week with tiny adorable humans needing and demanding my attention. So why am I telling you this? Well for a few reasons…I feel like I have always been an open book. I want to keep myself accountable.We are all human. We all strive for a balance. Will you notice a change at all this year in my business because of these changes? Maybe but probably not. Soooo this is where you come in BIG time…I want to make a Summer Bucket List. Tell me things that you plan, dream or just love doing on the Cape. I will compile this list on my blog in the next few weeks and will document the days my boys spend together when my season officially kicks off in April. Hey, maybe you’ll make your own list too! So if you have made it to the end of this babbling – thanks for listening smile emoticon. I will start this list…I want to go to Thomas Land at Edaville, go blue crabbing at Bells Neck and take a boat ride to Monomoy!! Please keep this list going and comment away!!!”


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Fun & (Mostly) Free Activities

Delicious Treats

Some More Must Dos

Off Cape Day Trips

Please note this is a work in progress – I will continue to update. I am not getting paid in anyway for this list. This is meant for entertainment only.